Min. Advance £3,000
Max. Advance £1,000,000+
Decision Time 24 Hours

90 High Holborn,
United Kingdom

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020 3827 2870

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YouLend is an established merchant cash advance provider offering fast and flexible finance from £3,000 up to £1,000,000+ to businesses in the UK and Ireland.

Youlend is a multi-product lender, one of which is named the ‘Youlend Advance’. This product simply offers businesses the ability to convert their monthly credit and debit card revenue into immediate cash. You then repay a small percentage of your card transactions until it’s fully repaid.

It works seamlessly with your cashflow fluctuations. For example, if you have a higher month in sales, you will pay it back faster, but if you have a lower month in sales, you’ll pay back a smaller amount.

This repayment flexibility keeps it in line with your businesses performance, unlike traditional loans from alternative providers or banks where monthly repayments are fixed.

In 2018, Youlend merged with merchant cash advance provider Liquid Finance Partners and now have offices based in London, Dublin and Copenhagen.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Monthly card transactions of £1500+
  • Registered in the UK

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