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Min. Advance £3,500
Max. Advance £500,000+
Decision Time 24 Hours

Capify UK
Station House,
Stamford New Road,
WA14 1EP,
United Kingdom

0800 151 0980

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Capify offers a merchant cash advance of between £3,500 and £500,000.

Since 2008, Capify has helped many small businesses and SME’s find the flexible funding solution they need via their merchant cash advance. They offer a fast decision process usually a minute on approval.

With a wealth of experience in the Merchant cash advance space as they offer a successful cash advance product in other countries such as the USA and Australia too.

Previously known as United Kapital they are one of the largest global providers of alternative finance and have funded over £320 million to businesses since the company’s inception.

A Capify merchant cash advance otherwise known as a business cash advance offers innovative decision-making speeding up the process which is available 24/7. Capify has fully trained friendly advisors who are available to guide you through the whole process. Customers could qualify for up to 150% of their average monthly credit and debit card takings. Your business will need to process more than £3000 per month to qualify for a merchant cash advance.

In a typical example business cash advance deal. Your business processes £20,000 in credit and debit card takings, therefore, you could raise £30,000 or maybe more. If you process £100 on card sales and Capify agreed on a 10% repayment, then £90 would automatically pay into your business account and £10 would be repaid to Capify. Your business can also become eligible to top up it’s funding too once 60% of the advance has been repaid.

A merchant cash advance can be tailored to your business needs making it work and sit comfortably with your cashflow. They have thousands of customers who use their services time and time again.

Capify also supports many charities both here in the UK and overseas.

Capify has a score rating of 9.4 out of 10 on Trust Pilot and is also members of The Association of Alternative Business Finance.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Trading for over 6 months
  • Monthly card transactions of £3,500+
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