Liquid Finance


Min. Advance £3,500
Max. Advance £250,000
Decision Time 24 Hours

24 King William Street,
United Kingdom

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0845 600 3573

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Liquid Finance merged with YouLend in March 2018.

The Liquid Finance management team were the original founders of the cash advance industry here in the UK and Ireland. They have a wealth of experience from both the payments and finance sectors and offer a merchant cash advance product to small business and SME customers.

The merchant cash advance product from Liquid Finance offers the ability to self-manage the split of funding on behalf of the merchant acquirer and settle same day to the customer account making the business cash advance product a unique market-leading solution.

A merchant cash advance with Liquid Finance is an unsecured alternative to a small business loan. The advance amount is agreed on the businesses historic monthly card turnover, and the repayment is calculated on a daily repayment percentage which is usually below 20%. As a business, you can expect to qualify for up to 100% of your monthly credit and debit card sales turnover.

There are no hidden charges, fees or application charges. You can also renew and top up your borrowing without additional fees. Liquid Finance has no repayment deadlines, and the advance amount is repaid based on an agreed comfortable percentage each time your business makes a credit or debit card sale.

The application process is approved and funded in just a few days start to finish, and there is no need to change the merchant provider.

Liquid Finance has a professional and friendly customer relationship team. Over 80% of their clients go on to renew the merchant cash advance product finding it as a positive offering for their business growth.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Trading for over 6 months
  • Monthly card transactions of £3,500+

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