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Min. Advance Amount £3500
Max. Advance Amount £250,000
Decision Time 24 Hours
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The merchant cash advance product from Liquid Finance offers the ability to self-manage the split of funding on behalf of the merchant acquirer and settle same day to the customer account making the business cash advance product a unique market leading solution.

A merchant cash advance with Liquid Finance is an unsecured alternative to a small business loan. As a business, you can expect to qualify for up to 100% of your monthly credit and debit card sales turnover.

There are no hidden charges, fees or application charges. You can also renew and top up your borrowing without additional fees. A merchant cash advance from Liquid Finance has no repayment deadlines and the advance amount is repaid based on an agreed comfortable percentage each time your business makes a credit or debit card sale.

The application process is approved and funded in just a few days start to finish and there is no need to change merchant provider.

The advance amount is agreed on a customer’s historic monthly card turnover and the repayment is calculated on a daily repayment percentage which is usually below 20%.

Liquid Finance has a professional and friendly customer relationship team. Over 80% of their clients go on to renew the merchant cash advance product finding it as a positive offering for their business growth.

Liquid Finance is also a member of the NACFB and have a Feefo rating of 4.8/5[/vc_column_text][mk_custom_list]


  • Trading for over 6 months
  • Monthly card transactions of £3,500+
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