Merchant Cash Advance Lenders

At the BMCAA (British Merchant Cash Advance Association) we work closely with merchant cash advance lenders within the alternative finance sector who maintain the highest levels of customer service, product fairness, transparent communication and best practices.

The Merchant Cash Advance Lenders and brokers on the BMCAA website are the main funders and brokers in the sector for the United Kingdom.  Highly professional service levels are observed from each lender and brokers who offer the Merchant Cash Advance product to small businesses and SME’s.

We aim to give information for each lender and help educate small businesses and SME’s on the Merchant Cash Advance product.  We don’t recommend one funder above another but give you the ability to talk to all individually.

Who are the Merchant Cash Advance Lenders and Brokers?

365 Business Finance
Liquid Finance
Merchant Money
Merchant Loan Advance
Quick Capital
Boost Capital
Nucleus Commercial Finance

Merchant Cash Advance Lenders and the BMCAA

The BMCAA also aims to give industry statistics, reports, infographics and other documents as a source of information specifically tailored to the Business Cash Advance sector.

The BMCAA will also offer UK businesses a growing list of funders capable of helping with their funding requirements. We will have dedicated advice and tips for businesses within the sectors who qualify for cash advance funding in the form of our BMCAA e-news service.

The BMCAA will also monitor various standards and sector reports which will then feedback to the website. If you would like more information as a business or you’d like to apply for a no obligation quote from the funders listed on the BMCAA website please click here.

The product is also referred to as a Business Cash Advance, PAYT (Pay As You Trade), PDQ loans, Merchant Loan Advance.